Save the Club

Save the Club

A number of communities of interest are now forming, and in various working groups (WG) initiated by the Montag Foundation, they are working out results for the future use of the club.

Next Thursday, 23.02.2023, the next plenary session will take place - time as usual from 15:00-17:30, but one more time in the white villa Ingenohl (Raiffeisenstra├če 5).
In addition to the reports from the working groups, we would like to discuss the March plenum (30.03.2023) in advance. At this date, the various WG strands are to be synchronized for further project planning.

The agenda proposal:

The minutes of the last plenary session are attached, as well as the three floor plan variations presented. Please register with the [Montag-Stiftung](mailto:[email protected]) referencing your RASP membership if you will be attending on 2/23 (so they can add additional seating to the room in time if needed), thank you.


The workshops are now organized in working groups, the "Plenum" always takes place on the last Thursday of the month from 15.00-17.30 in premises of the Montag Foundation on Adenauerallee. Those interested in the project should be able to get an overview of the current status and an introduction to joining the project. Those interested can sch to Fabiana Florcyk.

  1. WG Meeting of the communities of interest (art, citizens of Bad Godesberg, RASP, skaters, music, urban planners, architects, etc.) with the aim of getting to know each other and working out possible uses for the club.

  2. WG Spatial use of the club taking into account various communities of interest and division of space.

  3. WG Gastronomy: which forms are conceivable here and should be realized?

  4. WG Design of the legal and organizational framework.

Further details on the project website "Open Embassy for Democracy" of the Montag Foundation.

Thanks for supporting us!

The concerns of RASP should also be reflected here, so all interested members are called upon to actively participate in the design. If you are interested please contact us at info[at]

If you don't help design, you can't complain about the results of others afterwards.

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